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Protecting our environment has never been more important.  Learn more about Climate Change, help stop Pollution, or do your part to save the world's endangered Rainforests.  We have to protect our planet so that we can continue to live on it.


Food & Water

World Hunger and access to Clean Water are some of the most important factors tied to health and life expectancy.  Many people throughout the world don't have these basic needs, and their absence is related closely to poverty.  Learn how you can help those in need.


Human Rights

Human Rights are not universally recognized and respected for everyone, even in today's world.  There are many causes that need your voice.  You can help fight for Gender Equality, LGBTQ Rights, or work to help stop racism in your local community.



There are many health problems that people are dealing with all over the world.  Some of the most common diseases and health issues have still not been resolved or cured.  Learn which causes still need your help to bring medical treatment to people battling for their lives.

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